Getting ranked in queing traffic

Benefits & Potential

There are plenty of traffic avoidance and reporting options available to road users, but it’s inevitable that we still end up in jams on a regular basis. Q-Ranka addresses the questions drivers and passengers ask once they’re in one by:

  • Utilising the power of the crowd anonymously
  • Providing real-time queue length and vehicle movement information
  • Giving drivers and passengers piece of mind
  • Allowing informed decisions regarding journey changes
  • Adding an alternative social element to being stuck in a traffic jam

As well as the benefits Q-Ranka provides queueing vehicle occupants, it also offers potential opportunities for others.


With stationary traffic you have a potential captive audience. Vehicle occupants may be interested in promotions specific to their current situation, such as food and drink offers at the next motorway services.

Map Sharing

Although not a traffic avoidence app, the collective information that Q-Ranka gathers could be shared with others so they can consider alternative routes.

Launching the Q-Ranka app