Getting ranked in queing traffic


There are already lots of traffic avoidance apps available though?
Q-Ranka isn’t for traffic jam avoidance; the app is for vehicle occupants who have been unable to avoid, or find themselves in queuing motorway traffic.
What if there are only a limited number of vehicles running the app in my queue?
You will still be able to take distance references from these vehicles, giving more perspective on queue length than you originally had. For example you could have a Q-Rank of #4 but be 1.2 miles from vehicle #1 in the stationary motorway traffic.
Do I need to keep the app running from the start of my journey?
No, Q-Ranka can be launched when you find yourself in a queue and you can manually trigger a Q-Rank when it’s safe to do so.
If somebody in front launches Q-Ranka after I’ve been ranked, will my position rise?
Yes, plus if this vehicle is also then #1 in the queue (running the app), your distance from the lead vehicle will also increase. Another factor that could also result in your rank position increasing would be vehicles (running the app) joining the motorway in front of you within the queue of stationary traffic.
Operating a phone whilst driving is obviously dangerous?
Q-Ranka can be launched prior to your journey being started, or activated only once it’s safe and legal to do so. A passenger in the vehicle could also operate the application.
Apart from my vehicles location, am I sharing any other information?
No, by default your vehicle is just tagged with a number
How does Q-Ranka know when the queue has ended?
When you’re vehicle has maintained a speed of over 30mph for more than 60 seconds you will lose your Q-Rank status.