Know Your Place in Queuing Traffic

We've all been there. The motorway comes to a standstill and you're left asking... How long is this queue? When will I be moving? What’s going on up front? Q-Ranka can help answer these questions.
Using Q-Ranka to share your vehicles location with other drivers in the same queuing traffic, the app can decipher: (1) The length of the queue. (2) The numbered ‘rank’ of each vehicle in the queue. (3) The distance each vehicle is from the lead ‘Q-Ranked’ vehicle.
Your 'Q-Rank' and distance from the lead ranked car then falls as the front of the queue moves. Vehicle occupants can also optionally send messages to others in the same queue.

Launching Q-Ranka

Q-Ranka is typically launched prior to starting your journey. The app then continually monitors the movement of your vehicle whilst in the boundaries of major motorway routes. If safe to do so, it could also be launched once you've stopped in stationary traffic

Launching the Q-Ranka app
Getting ranked in queing traffic

Getting ranked in queuing traffic

When your journey progress is halted for more than 60 seconds, Q-Ranka begins mapping your position against other vehicles (running the app) in the same stationary queue. Once ranked, your position from the lead ‘Q-Ranked’ vehicle is displayed together with your distance from it. Switching to Map View will show your position on the motorway. Scrolling this map will give a visual reference of all Q-Ranked vehicles, both in front and behind you.

Real-time queue status

Your Q-Rank position will decrease when the lead vehicle (Q-Ranked #1) starts moving for more than 60 seconds. Their lead status will then fall back to the next queuing vehicle running the app. This real-time data also updates your distance from this new lead vehicle.

Real-time queue stats
Q-Ranka Messaging

Social feeds

If it’s safe to do so, or if a passenger in the vehicle is operating the app, then you have the option to supply open messages to fellow queuing drivers. This may be useful if you’re a lead vehicle and can report what’s causing the queue to the drivers behind you.

Almost moving…

Once you become vehicle #1 in the queue and then starts moving, Q-Ranka will return to monitoring your journey progress until it’s stopped again.